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AISHII is an human behavior predictor algorithm


A combination of behavioral sciences, predictive modelling and artificial intelligence.

All the data is processed anonymously


You do not have to provide us with your company name, or any other type of personal information. All you have to do is upload your file and wait for Aishii's reply.

Aishii can guide you in your next business actions, and help you to develop the precise strategy for each consumer segment


Predict their behaviour and take action before they make the decisions that you don’t want them to make


Up to 100.000 users in 1.2 seconds


Fast, secure, smart, and independent

Just upload your data and Aishii will process it instantly. Providing the data passes our statistical verification process, you will then receive an email with the results. Aishii can also connect with your database to do it immediately.

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Prices per Daily Active User (DAU)


299 / Month  -  Up to 10.000 DAU

499 / Month  -  Up to 100.000 DAU

899 / Month  -  Up to 1.000.000 DAU


Ask for 1M+ DAU


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